Hideaway Bins offers an intelligent waste disposal solution in any home or commercial environment. With the Clinikill antibacterial powder coat lid, Hideaway Bins has added hygiene to the list of benefits delivered in high use areas such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Designed to be mounted at bench height, pulling out towards the user, Hideaway Bins allow easy disposal of waste without having to bend low inside cupboards.

Hideaway deluxe bins feature a friction-fitted lid that creates a seal across the buckets, while the Clinikill antibacterial powder coat across the surface of the lid enables effective control of harmful bacteria, yeast and fungi, keeping the bin solution hygienic in any environment.

The use of Kinetic technology allows extra hygiene by ensuring the Clinikill anti-bacterial powder coat remains evenly distributed across the surface of the friction-fitted lid where bacteria are most likely to be present, maximising its effect on harmful germs.