Hideaway Bins has introduced an innovative modification to its bin ranges by providing the option of side mounting.

All models in the Hideaway Soft Close, Deluxe and Compact ranges (with the exception of floor mount units) now have the option to be side mounted.

The new side mounting dimples on the waste and storage bins will allow a Hideaway Bin to be specified into a job where top mounting is not possible. If desired, the side mounting can also be used in addition to the top mounting.

The highly versatile waste bins can be installed into an existing kitchen or included in the design at the planning stage. The latest design modification now allows Hideaway Bins to be incorporated into any area of the home.

Hideaway Bins offers top mount, side mount and floor mount units with bucket sizes from 15 litres to 60 litres, providing a solution to fit a variety of cabinet sizes and waste and storage requirements.