Hideaway bins manufacturer Kitchen King has joined Facebook in an effort to tap into the benefits of social networking and online relationship marketing by engaging the web-based audience.  

Social networking sites have become a significant platform to connect people globally, and Facebook with its millions of users worldwide offers great opportunity for Kitchen King to deliver information about their products in a targeted manner.  

Visitors to Kitchen King’s Facebook page can keep themselves informed about the latest offers anywhere in the world. Users can see brief posts by Hideaway Bins about current offers in real-time, right on their news feed. Facebook enables Kitchen King to directly engage with current and future customers online.

Facebook offers a variety of features for Kitchen King to interact with people that have liked their page. Using these features, Kitchen King currently posts news on events, special updates and advice on hideaway kitchen bins and aims to expand this page even further.  

Users also have the ability to comment, ask questions and view photos. To get the latest updates from Kitchen King, one simply has to search for Hideaway Bins on Facebook and like the page.