A well designed kitchen saves time, protects family health, reduces cooking and cleaning time, and makes efficient use of space.

Ergonomics – where to place a rubbish bin

Hideaway bins from Kitchen King offer an ideal solution for keeping bins out of sight in any location, such as the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, motor home or office.

For kitchen use, it is recommended that Hideaway bins are top mounted at sink height to limit the amount of bending required when cooking and disposing of waste. Food can be prepared and wasted can be disposed of immediately. Hideaway bins feature over extending tracks that allow easy access to the buckets, reducing the need to bend inside a cupboard to access them.

The ideal location for Hideaway bins is as close to the sink as possible. This means there is no need to walk to the other side of the kitchen to dispose of waste and then walk back to the sink to clean. Recommended placement for Hideaway bins in kitchens is on the opposite side of the sink to the dishwasher. This creates a streamlined workflow reduces bending and saves time and effort. For example, waste is disposed of into the Hideaway Bin on the left, rinse the dish at a sink in the middle, then stack the dish in the dishwasher to the right.

Which model?

Hideaway bins are available with a handle pull or drawer pull.

Drawer Pull – 1 Step Action
The front fascia of the cabinet is attached to the door bracket of the Hideaway bin so that the top mounted bin fits discreetly in the space inside the cabinet, allowing access to the bin in one easy step, simply by pulling open the drawer.

Handle Pull – 2 Step Action
The unit is top mounted inside the cupboard, allowing access in two easy steps - open the hinged cupboard door then pull open the bin using its handle.