Hideaway and Hideaway Deluxe bins by Kitchen King have been improved after feedback and market research indicated that design changes to the Hideaway ranges were required to ensure the bins kept up with the kitchen industries' perpetually changing requirements.

Design alterations to the Hideaway bins include:

  • Curved and rounded off corners replace square corners on the units in both ranges, creating a softer finish.
  • The door bracket on the Hideaway Deluxe range has had the strengthening struts removed. Instead, the door bracket curves, providing a more aesthetically pleasing solution with additional strength.
  • The door brackets on the Hideaway and Hideaway Deluxe twin bin models have been shortened to allow the stacking of two units, enabling a four bin recycling solution.
  • An investment has been made in strengthening the units further by increasing the metal gauge from 0.8mm to 1mm.
  • Gaps between the unit componentry and the plastic bins have been closed creating a neater design.