Only from Hideaway Beds – End of Model Pre-Christmas Hideaway Wall Bed Discounts. Turn the room you have, into the Guest room you need, the complete package

Do you consider how comfortable your guests are in a Sofa Bed? Do your guests feel the pinch in the back after one nights sleep?

Sofa Beds might be a good idea in a price point of view and are cheaper than most beds however, Sofa Beds are rather inconvenient when sleep comes into mind.

Consider a Hideaway Bed NOW. It conveniently hides away with-in seconds. They are the right height and as comfortable as a conventional bed. And yes you can use your own mattress, because they are built to Australian Standard sizes.

Hideaway Wall Beds have increased marketability of a house and the whole room making it a multi-use space. They are smart, easy to assemble, and you do not have to maintain it like so many other Wall Beds.

Sofa Beds last a couple of seasons and they start to sag in the middle and creak.Sofa Beds end up at the Council Dump after a year. A Hideaway Wall Bed will last you longer and the Guests will appreciate you for it.

All of the company’s clearance items are sold in Brand New Condition. We have shown an actual picture of each item below. Please note that these are high quality items. These lines will be Discontinued Due to New Models Landing Next Year. (We still do not have any information ON NEW models. The New Models will carry higher costs on today’s standard Wall Bed Prices).

The Decorative Panels are easy to remove and re-cover with fabric from Spotlight and a stapler from Bunnings.