Guest rooms now come with a charm and warm feeling with a comfortable wall bed from Hideaway Beds that has a modern calibrated lift system that does not need adjustment.

Hideaway wall beds are the same height as a conventional bed, meaning that sleeping on the floor or the ceiling feelings are no more.

The queen size innerspring or latex mattresses will give the most comfortable sleep or you can use your own existing mattress.

The Hideaway wall bed cabinetry is presented with carved panels and brass accessories.

The timber is finished in two warm colours, one in a red teak colour and the other in a dark rich brown colour.

The Hideaway wall bed conveniently hides away with-in seconds. The Hideaway wall bed is designed to be of ideal height and as comfortable as a conventional bed.

And you can use your own mattress because the Hideaway wall beds are designed to Australian sizes. Hideaway wall beds have always increased marketability of a room and the whole house, as a multi use room.