Hideaway Wall Beds have a simple DIY Flat Pack Assembly.

Like most kitchens, wardrobe or home office flatpack kits they appear to be complex and difficult to do, but once you begin the process they are not as difficult as you first thought.

Hideaway Wall beds are supplied with simple instructions and procedures which will make the assembly easy.

The pages are clearly printed and importantly the parts have Little Letters that coincide with the part in the Manual. Also Hideaway wall bed Screws and nuts are also Clearly marked with Letters which will make you look like a Professional at installing your Hideaway Wall Bed.

Installation can be a little more complex but still is within the bounds of the average do it yourselfer. It certainly helps to start with a well engineered and constructed flatpack made with the ease of installation in mind.

DIY Home Deliveries- Hideaway Beds have established to pass on cost savings to be able to deliver across Australia and New Zealand.

Phone support- Can your trades person call, and make a valid installation inquiry. At hideaway beds all staff is trained to answer trade questions.

DIY Phone Support- You are more likely to install something on the weekend when you time off. So we provide the only free DIY Phone Support across the 7 days in the Industry.