Hickory Group collaborated with two different global healthcare experts to develop bathroom archetypes for healthcare projects.

Committed to providing greater efficiencies to healthcare project design and construction, Hickory has worked extensively with Jacobs and Ramsay Health to create healthcare bathroom archetypes that provide a highly engineered and rationalised product to meet the needs of modern healthcare development projects.

The designs for both Jacobs and Ramsay Health feature innovative Kerlite tiling that is manufactured with an antimicrobial finish offering a 99.9% efficacy over the lifetime of the product. The silver-treated tile finish retards the reproduction of germs, providing a surface with superior infection control abilities as well as a highly aesthetic design.

Features such as detachable wall and ceiling panels in Sync health pods provide long-term asset management advantages, especially when the facility is being repaired or upgraded. For such requirements, the panels are simply fabricated offsite and replaced at the healthcare facility, minimising disruption to operations and eliminating the need for expensive investigative maintenance in the future.

The healthcare archetypes were designed at the Sync manufacturing facility in Brooklyn.