Del Ozone Australia  provides ozone-enriched cold water surface sanitation system for commercial pools, water parks and aquariums. Surface sanitation system is an ozone-enriched cold water system which replaces traditional hot water and harsh chemical surface sanitations. The sanitation system significantly reduces microorganisms and eliminates foul odours and is ideal for showers, steam rooms, bathrooms, and poolside.

Industrial ozone applications from Del Ozone Australia include corona discharge ozone generators which are designed for rack mount and table top configurations. The corona discharge units produce ozone concentrations up to 5% by weight while using user-supplied oxygen. The ozone generator units are housed in an aluminum enclosure and have easy to use controls.

For food safety and sanitation process, Del Ozone Australia offers effective ozone biocides called ozone-enriched water sprayer. The ozone-enriched water kills microbes and is effective against bio-films, bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa. Ozone-enriched water can be sprayed directly on floors, drains, walls and tanks through a mobile or centralized system with hand-held low pressure sprayers.

DEL Ozone Australia also provides ozone-enriched water systems for fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry and fish cleaning and processing. These water systems can be easily integrated into flume, cascade, or drench type operations.