HH Robertson  are distributors of the Trespa Meteon panel into the Australian and New Zealand market.

The Meteon panel is based on thermosetting resin, homo­geneously reinforced with 70% wood fibres and manufactured under high pressure and high temperature.

This process produces a panel, which is tough and highly durable, with dimensional stability and workability similar to hard wood.

The smooth, non porous surface resists the accumulation of dirt and retains its high physical performance and appearance in any weather or in extremes of temperature.

The high impact resistance of the panel means that it cannot easily be damaged, scratched, or abused. It is easy to clean and unaffected by cleaning materials.

Besides their shape, colours and dimensions, materials have a character of their own: glossy, soft, rough, natural.

The Trespa Meteoric panels can effortlessly be combined with traditional build­ing materials like wood, metal, glass, concrete and brick. In addition special joint elements and structures help to give the facade its own distinct character.