Hettich Australia presents two folding door systems for residential furniture applications. Offering high load capacity, an attractive design and fast installation, Hettich’s WingLine 770 and WingLine 780 folding door systems are recommended for cabinets and wardrobes featuring wooden doors, and are convenient to install.

WingLine 770

WingLine 770 simplifies the installation of hanging door wings, perfectly aligning them by clipping the running components conveniently into the runner profile. Suitable for door wings weighing up to 20kg, the WingLine 770 offers creative flexibility in door design. The Sensys hinge closes heavy doors gently and silently; the door can also be easily removed when a shelf needs to be repositioned.

WingLine 780

The WingLine 780 folding door system manages with a simple carcase construction and is very easy to install with the hook fitting into the runner profile and locked into place, automatically stabilising door movement. To fit shelves, the door wing detaches from the running element and simply folds back. WingLine 780 is suitable for folding doors weighing up to 10kg that close gently and quietly with the Sensys hinge.

Image: WingLine 770 provides creative flexibility in terms of door design and quality that can be felt in every movement. Photo: Hettich