Hettich Australia presents TopLine XL, a concealed sliding door system particularly suitable for floor to ceiling cabinets with large surface fronts and sliding doors. The TopLine XL system has the ability to move large, heavy doors, even weighing up to 80kg, smoothly and quietly.

Combining a practically invisible design with amazingly silent operation, the concealed TopLine XL sliding door system brings a smooth gliding action to heavy sliding doors. The Silent System cushions door movement, leaving them to open and close with a gentle movement while also preventing them from colliding. In 4-door cabinets, the synchronised opening of the middle doors produces inspiring panoramic effects and provides convenient access to a large central compartment.

Hettich’s TopLine XL sliding door system provides design flexibility for doors in thicknesses of up to 50mm and made from a variety of materials. The concealed sliding door system allows large sized, floor to ceiling cabinets to be designed and alcove solutions to be produced easily with the integrated adjustment capabilities enabling the designer to adjust door height, overlay and offset to suit any specification.

Key benefits of TopLine XL sliding door systems include quick and simple tool-less assembly of the runner and guide profile as well as the opening, closing, anti-collision and soft guiding systems and doors; optional made-to-measure preassembled and pre-mounted profiles saving time and costs; and reinforced runner profile providing even more stability to the cabinet in a discreet way, allowing greater freedom in furniture design.

The TopLine XL sliding door system ensures a closed cabinet front with a perfect finish.

Image: The new Silent System slows doors down in closing, opening and colliding direction. Photo: Hettich