Hettich Australia introduces the new SlideLine 55 Plus sliding door system providing design flexibility as well as practical added value for the user.

Suitable for both residential as well as commercial applications, the SlideLine 55 Plus sliding door fitting can be used for dining rooms, living rooms and bedrooms as well as in hotels, shops and offices. The sliding door system is ideal for sideboards, filing cabinets or wardrobes.

Suitable for wooden doors and designed for fronts with inset doors, the fitting also permits overlay door options.

The fully integrated soft-closing function of the SlideLine 55 Plus enables doors to be closed quietly and gently. The storage space is not compromised as no additional component is required.

Key features of the SlideLine 55 Plus sliding door system include rollers ensuring smooth, quiet running action; closing mechanism slowing the doors down as they shut; spacer protecting the doors from damage; two-track design ensuring door formats in heights of 700-1,500mm and widths of 500-800mm can be moved effortlessly; ease of door hanging; and simplified adjusting of door height at a thumbwheel without tools for perfect gap alignment.