Ed Mamrot, of Inset Kitchens east of Melbourne and internationally acclaimed designer Mal Corboy have recently formed a collaboration that has yielded some stunning results.

Mal has taken out the Australian Certified Designer of the Year and Victorian Kitchen Designer of the year at the National KBDi Kitchen and Bathroom Designer Awards as well as taking out the top spot at the Australian Kitchen Designer of the Year Award in2009. His is also known for his role as a Hettich ’s brand ambassador throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Mamrot explained that Inset Kitchens manufactured Mal’s design for the kitchen that won at the KBDi Awards and that it worked so well because they faithfully produce what the designer is looking for.

“My involvement is to make sure that everything’s going out in the premium quality and perfectly,” said Mamrot.

Since starting Inset Kitchens in 1976, kitchen design has grown and changed, almost unrecognisably.

“The style of kitchens has changed quite considerably; it’s more of a living space and fashion statement than a utilitarian sort of area. People’s lives revolve around the kitchen and it is the heart and the soul of the home,” he says.

He continued to explain that kitchens these days are more elaborate and generally feature much better kitchen hardware fittings. Mamrot credits the quality of the fittings used in his kitchens to Hettich, a brand he is proud to be associated with for many years.

Inset Kitchens showrooms became Hettich Endorsed approximately two years ago, solidifying Inset Kitchen’s commitment to the Hettich brand.

“I’d been using Hettich for a few years at that time, and I really believe in supporting good, quality products. And I guess they thought I was the sort of company they wanted to be involved with.”

As Mamrot looks to the future, he has plans for another showroom located in Melbourne’s east, and will be continuing his work with Corboy.

“It will be a long happy relationship – we’re a good combination and when you couple it up with the Hettich product, you’ve got everything”.