Hettich Australia introduces ArciTech drawers featuring an innovative opening function designed for convenience and noiseless operation.

Hettich’s ArciTech drawers incorporate the new Push to open Silent function that combines a mechanical Push to open mechanism with the convenience and luxurious feel of a Silent system. The narrow gaps between the drawer fronts and an impressive opening distance result in the drawer offering a stylish handle-less design and high user convenience.

The completely mechanical design of the Push to open Silent function combines the benefits of a handle-less design with a high level of drawer opening and closing convenience. The Push to open Silent mechanism is triggered simply by pressing the drawer front.

The large self-opening distance makes it unnecessary to pull the drawer out any further, saving time and making it particularly convenient if the hands happen to be full. Closing the drawer automatically reloads the Push to open mechanism before the drawer glides home in a gentle movement.

Key features of ArciTech drawer’s Push to open Silent function include cleverly devised setting capabilities allowing perfect adjustment to different drawer sizes and weights; adjustable release sensitivity and opening force providing high level of convenience; and integrated depth adjustment facility permitting perfect front panel alignment with narrow gap between drawer fronts.

The Push to open Silent mechanism helps create handle-less kitchens and furniture with the simple installation allowing drawers, runners, carcases and front panels to be used without alteration. The mechanism is simply fitted under the drawer base.