Hettich Australia presents the InnoTech drawer system based on an innovative platform concept that provides maximum flexibility for drawers and pull-outs with the same side profile always used for all options.

The InnoTech platform enables specific customer preferences to be met, opening up previously untapped sales potential.

InnoTech DesignSide permits the use of glass, stone and other materials for closing off the sides of pot-and-pan drawers without incorporating a railing.

Since the same drawer profiles can be used for drawers and pull-outs, InnoTech DesignSide can be fitted instead of a railing at the end of drawer production without changing any part of the drawer front including the drill holes. This design flexibility provides the InnoTech drawer system a high level of economic efficiency, helping to keep costs low in production, inventory and logistics.

DesignSide minimises the effort during the upgrade of show kitchens and bathrooms while delivering attractive outcomes aligned with current design trends.

InnoTech can also be used as a partial and full extension runner with or without Silent System in different loading categories.

All these options enable the kitchen manufacturer to meet diverse design requirements with the same drawer system in a variety of finishes.