Hettich Australia presents the InLine S, an innovative range of sliding door fittings ideal for use on small cabinets.

Hettich’s InLine S is designed to completely conceal the working parts of the fitting when the front of the cabinet is open. The flush opening doors enabled by the system also maximise space efficiency and practical convenience for the end user.

On designing the cabinet with a handle or without, the InLine S leaves the choice to the designer. With InLine S, this decision is a matter of design and not of function because handle-less fronts can be opened at any outer edge. If handles have to be provided on the front, they can be positioned at any chosen place to suit the design of the furniture.

In the closed position, the narrow centre reveal creates a homogeneous look. When open, flush fitted sliding doors using InLine S provide access to everything inside. The doors open without protruding, making every inch of storage space available for use. For instance, the InLine S allows for internal drawers of maximum width. The shallow plinth height of 65mm increases the available storage space even further.

Hettich’s sliding door fittings also offer a great running action and excellent Silent System performance in opening and closing directions.

InLine S is recommended for floorstanding cabinets, turning entire rows of kitchen base units into designer pieces with very little effort.

Image: InLine S makes a big impression on furniture design: the fitting technology entirely disappears into the background, leaving no working parts in view when the front is open. Photo: Hettich