The SlideLine M sliding door fittings available from Hettich Australia combine elegance with high functionality and convenience.

Merging into the background, SlideLine M doesn't interfere with the design of furniture and gives sliding door elements a look of elegance.

SlideLine M sliding door fittings are highly versatile in application. Shelf units are transformed into attractive multi-functional furniture with doors that slide back and forth in a fascinating interplay. The Silent System feature closes doors quietly and gently.

For designs that have several doors running side by side in one profile, the movement of the doors can be slowed down as they move towards each other. The activators can be mounted at any chosen position and the Silent System is discreetly integrated in the fitting's running component.

The single-track, bottom-running SlideLine M sliding door fitting is suitable for all common furniture designs and doors weighing up to 30kg. Designed for quick and easy installation on the assembled carcase, the fitting profile has a projection of just 8mm, keeping sliding doors close to the carcase, and guaranteeing minimal gaps on either side. Two doors can cross each other in just one profile. Various sets in profile heights of 16, 18, 22, 25 and 38 mm provide close-proximity solutions for doors.

SlideLine M sliding door fittings are supplied in a silver or black decorative profile that elegantly blends into the design of furniture.