Hettich  employed a unique strategy to showcase its products at the Good Food & Wine Shows and Grand Designs Live expos.

To show how its products can make any living space work beautifully, Hettich integrated its most popular hardware and accessories into the Fisher & Paykel stand at each event.

As a major sponsor of the Good Food & Wine Show, and the holder of naming rights for the Celebrity Theatre, Fisher & Paykel’s stand takes pride of place at all Good Food & Wine Shows. Hettich has featured at Fisher & Paykel stands in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Adelaide as well as at their stands at Grand Designs Live shows in Melbourne and Sydney.

The Good Food & Wine Show, which will wrap up this year in Brisbane on November 9-11, is Australia’s leading consumer food and wine exhibition, which sees more than 120,000 visitors nationally every year. The show offers an excellent platform for Hettich to reach an engaged and qualified audience.

Hettich Marketing Manager for Australia and New Zealand, Dave Angus explains that the audience at the Good Food & Wine Shows are very engaged with an obvious and strong interest in food, cooking appliances and the kitchen space. These events provide an opportunity to show consumers how Hettich products can be integrated into any design to help organise their busy lives and bring order to an often chaotic kitchen environment.

Hettich has integrated its most popular and practical products into the Fisher & Paykel stand, including the functional InnoTech drawer system, an integral component of Hettich’s Intelligent Kitchens Concept, which divides the kitchen into five user-friendly areas: china and cutlery, cleaning agents and wastes, pots and pans, food preparation, and food storage.

The InnoTech drawer system has a range of options and accessories that can help consumers create an Intelligent Kitchen such as the OrgaWing cutlery tray where shallow trays open to the sides when the drawer is opened, the OrgaStore Basic that holds groceries and other larger items through flexible and adjustable dividing elements, or the OrgaTray Deluxe 2, a spice tray that holds all the spices in a systematic and easy-to-access way.

The InnoTech drawer system is fitted with Hettich’s famous soft close technology through the Quadro runner system, which eliminates the bangs and crashes associated with conventional drawers.

In order to maintain silence throughout the stand’s cabinetry, Hettich has also fitted its award-winning Sensys hinges into all doors and cabinets. Sensys features integrated soft close technology and stylish cover caps for the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Hettich’s new LED Magic Lighting Range fixtures were also fitted around the Fisher & Paykel stand to highlight their versatility. The lighting fixtures can be fitted in pantries, installed as task lighting over benches, or used to create a specific ambiance in kitchen spaces or any other room in the home.

ProDecor handles have also been used in the Fisher & Paykel stand to show consumers how they can add a personal touch to their kitchen design through the smaller details. Hettich’s latest range of ProDecor handles includes designs such as Folk, New Modern, Organic and Delux to suit individual preferences.

By showcasing these products at Fisher & Paykel’s Good Food & Wine Show and Grand Designs Live stands, consumers have been able to see Hettich’s innovations in action.

Another way to experience Hettich’s products in action is to visit a Hettich Endorsed Showroom. The Endorsed Showroom programme is a selection of handpicked showrooms across Australia that stock and supply Hettich products.