Every year the Hettich Design Challenge is a central feature of the annual designEX exhibition, and this year was no exception.

As always, the competition attracted Australia’s most talented top young designers, as it provides them with the opportunity to work alongside industry leaders and fellow peers as they showcase their skills.

Over the course of the three day exhibition, visitors were able to watch the four finalists battle it against one another, as the competition well and truly unravelled in front of their eyes.

The Design Institute of Australia supports the competition every year, and this year’s design brief was created by Nick Karkovasitis of the DIA.

To be successful in the competition, entrants were required to create storage solutions for high-density living spaces by selecting a maximum of three parts from the vast Hettich product range.

Entrants were given creative freedom in choosing the style of storage solution to create, whether they be integrated, free standing or mobile.

Day one and two of the designEX  exhibition were dedicated to designing the actual storage solutions, while day three was spent preparing and presenting the designs so they may be judged. Each finalist was also required to present a brief to the judges and audience on the final day.

It is clear that this competition can provide up and coming designers with a wealth of knowledge and experience, as Nick Karkovasitis explains “sponsored by a world-leading innovator, this competition provides a platform for the very best designers to make their mark in the most dynamic of industry environments.”

The Hettich Design Challenge is open to professional junior designers with a maximum of 3 years experience, providing they have approval from their firm.

Entries for the 2013 competition will open early next year.