Hettich Australia has developed the ArciTech drawer system to enable kitchen and furniture manufacturers put together the perfect drawer for different segments and needs while keeping production lean and cost-effective.

Delivering excellent running performance and a high level of stability, and requiring minimal opening force, the innovative drawer system satisfies the exacting demands placed on furniture from the premium segment.

Distinguished by its excellent running action and exceptional stability, the ArciTech drawer platform delivers an impressively smooth, even running performance. The drawer system is able to cope with any demand, easily catering to loading categories of 40, 60 and 80 kg.

The ArciTech drawer platform supports a broad product line-up encompassing two drawer side profile heights in silver, white, anthracite, stainless steel and champagne as well as six rear panel heights in addition to the option of a 126mm side profile height with DesignSide in glass or TopSide and rear panel height of 250mm for the high-end segment.

The ArciTech drawer concept allows the manufacturer to create distinct lines of kitchen and furniture products while guaranteeing a lean and cost-effective production. Based on a single drawer side profile, drawers and pull-outs can be created in a choice of different heights and designs.

For instance, the railing can be fitted as standard with the alternative choice of DesignSide in glass, with both options always using exactly the same drawer side profile, rear panel and hole patterns.

Two-step sets for drawer and pot-and-pan drawer

ArciTech drawer sets are available for retailers and cabinetmakers, complete with all the components needed to make any chosen design of drawers. The first step requires the drawer side profile height, the drawer or pull-out type as well as surface finish and nominal length to be selected. The next step involves the selection of the appropriate runner featuring 40, 60 or 80 kg loadbearing capacity, with Silent System or Push to open function.

ArciTech sets are available from Hettich retailers or direct from the Hettich online catalogue.