Hertz Electronics  provides analogue indoor timezone display that can show from 3 to 6 way time zones. There are various specifications in the analogue indoor timezone display such as the dial size that is available in 250mm diameter and the titles can be 40mm for every character height.

The analogue indoor timezone display from Hertz Electronics has a day indication and a night indication with a blue LED indicating night time between 6pm and 6am. It also features a time off set up feature that is an automatic time zone converter. The analogue indoor timezone display also features a daylight saving change-over for each and every time zone.

The outer case of the analogue indoor timezone display from Hertz Electronics is made up of silver anodised wall mounting aluminium case with solid circular corner pieces. The wall mounting has a Z strip. There are different types of dimensions available including 1300 x 400 x 70mm (L x H x D), for each extra zone add 300mm to the length for 3 zones to suit customers requirement.

The different types of analogue indoor timezone display available at Hertz Electronics are K-AWQ3 features a 3 time zone display and 1x Telnu30 master clock. K-AWFQ3/ZU/MES is another model with Additional time zone of up to 3x and the case length features an extra 300mm. Hertz Electronics also offers K-AUFGPS model that features a GPS Receiver.