In October 2008, Hero Hoists Pty Ltd presented a new garage storage solution at the Australian International Motor Show. The versatility of the free-standing auto/storage hoist was obvious to us but an eye-opener to the motoring and general public, as judged by its reaction.

People were aware of the automotive hoist and its function in the motor repair shop, but they have no idea for domestic use. Lift King Australia received good response for this.

“It’s actually moveable and you can roll it around your space? Is that what the castors are for? No need to bolt down? No Council permits required?”

“Oh, I can get my second car off the street? I can park my boat and trailer on the larger Lift King model? Or my motor bikes? Or wheelbarrow, gardening stuff, household items. Anything? That would effectively double my garage storage space and give me room to move too”.

“Hey, I can work on my car at my own convenience in my own garage. Just plug in to my domestic 240V power and lift. All I need do now is enjoy my hobby. And it even has built-in safety locks on all corners”.

The easy DIY installation manual and Hero Hoists’ tips make the whole thing easy. For car maintenance, Lift King Australia include drip trays, a jack tray, castor kit and a nylon tarp.

Hero Hoists have the exclusive distributorship in Australia and New Zealand for this garage storage system. Hero Hoists' lifts are manufactured in China to their rigid specifications.

Hero Hoists Pty Ltd have been there and undertake regular inspection visits. The factory is ISO-9001 rated. Hero Hoists meet many international standards including CSA, CE EEC and AS1418.9 (for Australia) certification. Hero Hoists are committed to quality and want their customers to feel safe using their products.

The Hero Hoists' 4 posters, the 2 posters, the scissor lift and the new exciting addition to Hero Hoists' range of hoists – the cost effective, flexible car storage solution – the MultiLift (freestanding, modular, indoor/outdoor solution with the minimum footprint allowing multiple installations in minimum space) are just a start. Hero Hoists Pty Ltd also offer their wheel balancer, tyre changer, DIY racing tiles and more to come.