Herman Miller  provides my studio steel frames that have finished with glass, paint or veneer cladding to create four walls. My studio is a wall based system where in each wall has a concise, approved set of components to optimise the performance of workers.

My studio has a vanishing point, it is highly designed with curves at outer corners, and it is open towards the inner corners. It can translucent materials and floating walls giving a larger appearance for office application. Thus my studio can be personised according to customer requirement, comfortness and customer controllable.

My studio reorients workers can be face outbound towards the middle or even inbound according to customer requirement. My Studio gives a non traditional approach to inverted landscape as it has high walls towards the outside, side walls are lower. Team members of Herman Miller are more accessible to adjacent workers in a cluster.

Herman Miller provides coordinated palette, and simplifies design. Herman Miller ensures harmonious combinations. The furniture quality at harmonious combinations is nature inspired colours. As with the inframe distribution a centre wall routes cables and four-circuit and eight-wire power. The design of my studio from Herman Miller guided by a number of significant findings gathered by research from various sources.