While designing and manufacturing door hardware is Henderson RMD’s bread and butter, its relationship with its OEMs, or Original Equipment Manufacturers, is part of a larger business philosophy that defines the company as a service-oriented company rather than as straight supplier.

Indeed, its relationship with its OEMs is the catalyst to many of Henderson's new product developments. If a window-manufacturer client requires a new item with new specifications for one of its products, Henderson's approach will be along the lines of ‘how can we help?’.

Or conversely, Henderson can apply its wealth of knowledge and experience to pull together existing and new products to meet the specific needs of an application. As in the case of the 80 storey Q1 building being build on Queensland's Gold Coast which, when completed, is claimed to be the tallest residential building in the world.

With this sort of flexibility and attention to its client manufacturers, it’s easy to see why the company hasn’t chosen what some might see as the easier path towards mass production for the retail and consumer market.

It all boils down to one word: service. Henderson’s staff maintain a close relationship with their customers with the aim to deliver the best sliding and folding door hardware solutions available in the market.

And this isn’t lost on Henderson’s astute OEMs, which demonstrate their loyalties by insisting the door hardware in their next architectural contract is made by Henderson RMD.