Henderson RMD  is a hardware supplier of Folding Door hardware.

The market for Folding Doors appears to be as strong as ever with more window manufacturers entering this sector including many from the aluminium side of the industry. Weatherfold Coastal is suitable for both timber and aluminium but in the case of aluminium Henderson RMD was unable, until now, to offer the complete hardware package.

The new 512SS and 512ESS flush bolts have been designed specifically for the aluminium sector and completes the Weatherfold Coastal package.


The Henderson 512 is a cast 316 stainless steel flush bolt available in locking and non locking form. The Henderson 512 utilises the keying and design features from the 456 timber door products to retain the style and appearance of the Henderson flush bolt range. The Henderson 512 is available in three lengths, 400mm 600mm and 900mm.

The various lengths of tie rods position the operating knob at the above mentioned distances from the edge of the door. Fitting the product is simple. The new flush bolt is fitted from the inside of the aluminium section to minimise the amount the product protrudes from the surface. The cap supplied to guide and hold the tie rod is designed around a commercial 45mm door stile that can vary anything up to 3mm wall thickness.


The new 512SS and 512ESS are available in Satin Stainless with other finishes to follow as the product grows in popularity. The Henderson 512 is made from stainless steel that does not require powder coating.


Folding Door systems

The offset tie rod and square tip of the 512 is designed around the channel and track position of Weatherfold Coastal. By rotating the tie rod it is possible to position the square tip to fit directly into the channel under the door or align it adjacent to the top track. The benefit of this design is one bolt does all, inward and outward openings without the need for keepers.

Swing Doors

In addition to achieving its original design brief that being to accommodate folding door systems the 512 is well suited for the general market and can successfully be used on Swing and French doors. Each flush bolt kit is supplied with a nylon keeper to dress and seal the hole required in the top and bottom sections.


The 512 has a square tip that stops the tie rod from rotating once the door stile cap is fitted. Adjustment of the tie rod is simple and effective, set the tip flush with the edge of the door when the shoot bolt is full retracted. To secure the tie rod simply insert the stile cap and gently tap in place. The cap is designed with an interference fit.