Hempcrete Australia  has received the CodeMark Certificate of Conformity for its sustainable and efficient range of insulated wall systems.

Hempcrete is a composite construction material that combines fast-growing, renewable and carbon-sequestrating plant-based aggregates (hemp shiv) with a lime-based binder. The lime binds the hemp aggregates together, giving the material modest structural strength and stiffness. The alkaline lime protects the shiv from biological decay by wicking water away from the hemp shiv while also providing essential fire resistance (Woolley and Bevan 2007).

The resultant lightweight building composite is suitable for solid walls, roof insulation and under-floor insulation and as part of a timber-framed building.

Hempcrete insulated wall systems deliver several benefits to the building structure including superior thermal and acoustic performance and the ability to regulate internal relative humidity through hygroscopic material behaviour, thereby contributing to healthier building spaces and providing effective thermal mass.

Hempcrete’s ability to sequester CO2 into the building fabric can help builders efficiently meet their carbon reduction targets to achieve regulatory compliance, with this unique building material offering a genuinely zero-neutral solution to sustainable construction.

CodeMark Description and Purpose/Use

Hempcrete is a combination of water, hemp aggregate and lime-based binder to produce excellent thermal insulating and acoustic properties. Hempcrete buffers temperature and humidity, prevents damp and mould growth. It is fire and termite resistant, lightweight and forms a hard wall surface, yet is vapour permeable to help reduce humidity and prevent condensation.

Product purpose or use

Non-load bearing insulated wall construction system for domestic and commercial buildings.