Hella Australia has partnered with leading mobile lighting brand Allight for the national roll-out of its HypaLUME LED floodlights. 

The second generation of HELLA’s HypaLUME range produces 22,053 effective lumens per lamp, and is rapidly becoming the LED light of choice for mobile MineSpec towers following its success in fixed lighting applications and on vehicles. 

The Allight MS-9 mobile lighting tower can be fitted with eight HypaLUME LED lamps, with the market-leading 176,424 lumens produced providing enough light for mines or civil construction projects. 

The 240w HypaLUME produces up to 50% more light per lamp, not only making the product a highly efficient and economical option for virtually all the operating areas of a mine but also opening up the LED space to Allight’s lighter and more portable MetroSpec mobile lighting towers.

The success of LED technology in mobile lighting applications stems from the huge efficiency and economy gains it brings to mining and construction projects. 

The Allight MS-9 fitted with HypaLUME LED lamps features a new Perkins 2 cylinder 500cc water-cooled engine, and needs refuelling only once every three weeks. They also come with extended 500-hour service intervals and deliver an 18t annual carbon footprint reduction compared with standard metal halide lamps. 

After exhaustive testing in tough mining environments, full scale production of the Allight MS-9 LED towers got underway in July. Pre-launch demand forecasts indicate that around 500 MineSpec towers will be needed - a number likely to change when the new generation of HypaLUME opens up the construction and municipality sectors. 

According to HELLA Australia Fixed Lighting Manager Craig Middleton, this outcome is clear proof of the engineering and technical capabilities of HELLA Australia. In addition to customising the next generation of HypaLUME with a number of modifications and improvements specific to Allight Sykes’ requirements, HELLA is also committed to future product development in conjunction with Allight Sykes to continue improving and adapting the HypaLUME to meet market demand.