Hella Australia  supplies LED Side Markers and tyre monitoring products to the automotive industry. LED Side Markers from Hella Australia have set a new dimension in design and function. These side markers are suitable for mounting on external side mirrors, they are pre-wired with sealed cable and three high-performance LEDs are incorporated in indicators. Until the optic is illuminated in amber signal, it will appear clear.

Now a days LED technology is not used only in commercial transport industry, but it is also used in passenger vehicles. Because of their versatile design possibilities and efficiency, LEDs are in demand by European car manufacturers. LED lighting accounts for greater portion of vehicle lighting in the automotive industry, especially in the area of signal and rear lighting.

Hella Australia is one of the leading innovators in the field of LED lighting. It has been successfully utilising LEDs for more than ten years in commercial signal lighting equipment. There are various benefits of LEDs such as it allows the motorists to enhance the vehicle’s visibility for additional safety. These lightings also upgrade the appearance and look of the exterior with the latest automotive lighting technology.