Hella Australia , after the worldwide success of its Predator Xenon driving lamps, has launched the advanced series of Predator which features innovating lighting, newly developed high boost free-form reflectors and design trends in the aftermarket of automotive industry. Hella Australia offers Auxiliary Driving Lamps that are now available with high boost reflector which are computer-optimised. These lamps provide maximum light output.

Hella Australia has long been one of the leading suppliers of lights to the automotive industry and it is a pioneer in innovative lighting technology. Various tests conducted world wide by major automobile magazines constantly confirm the high quality standard of Auxiliary lighting of Hella Australia.

Latest technological advances are incorporated in Auxiliary Driving Lamps from Hella Australia, which ensures optimum light distribution and output for enhanced driver safety and comfort. Various models of Auxiliary Driving Lamps are available, some of which can be listed as Predator series, HydroLUX series and Compact series.

Various types of headlamp upgrades are also available from Hella Australia. Hella Australia has introduced an exclusive combination of rear lamps and retrofit main headlamps featuring CELIS fibre lighting, which is regarded as a revolutionary lighting concept. This was reserved previously for the current series of BMW 5 series and BMW 7 series.