New Helioscreen awning covers in a sleek black finish have been installed at Cockle Bay Wharf, NSW, replacing the tired and worn covers of existing awnings.

The Helio 100 custom made awning covers in Fire Rated fabrics were produced in a number of weeks, and put in place over a few nights due to the busy trading hours of the area.

The existing awnings at Cockle Bay, notable for its alfresco dining areas, are used daily. Updating the covers has extended the life of the awnings, which allows for outdoor dining throughout all elements for a longer period of time.

The finished overall look of the awnings furthermore provides a modern update to the existing awnings.

Apart from Cockle Bay restaurants and bars such as COAST Dining, Helioscreen awnings are used in many locations around the Sydney CBD, including Hurricanes Harbourside and Woolloomooloo Wharf.

Helioscreen offers custom made awning covers for both old and new awnings.