Most people know of the health impacts of asbestos. However, few people are aware of the extent of asbestos usage. For example asbestos was used in over 3000 different products.

Few people are aware of what to do if asbestos is suspected to be present. Heggies has devised a two hour course designed to provide asbestos awareness information to help people understand how to respond to asbestos.

Topics covered include:

  • asbestos uses
  • where asbestos is likely to be found
  • what to do if asbestos is found or suspected to be present, and when to call in experts

The Asbestos Awareness Course also illustrates how prompt, correct actions can limit risks to human health and limit financial risks of companies and individuals

The trainers are experienced asbestos consultants and hygienists. The Asbestos Awareness Course can be conducted at your company offices or in Heggies Offices Australia wide. Heggies can also tailor specialised courses to your individual companies needs.

The addition of the Asbestos Awareness Training services to Heggies already strong services in Asbestos Identification, Airborne Asbestos Fibre Monitoring, Hazardous Materials Surveys and HAZMAT Critical Response Service, allows Heggies to provide integrated and timely responses to its clients requirements.