The innovative building material from CSR Hebel helps to create a comfortable living environment with enhanced insulation performance while offering excellent build quality and design flexibility.

Manufactured from sand, cement, lime, gypsum and aerating agents, Hebel Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) delivers high thermal efficiency in the building with insulation performance three times that of brick, reducing the home’s reliance on heating and cooling appliances while substantially saving on costly energy bills. The material’s superior aesthetic appeal in addition to its functional properties make it a preferred choice for award-winning builders and architects who specialise in building to high energy rating standards.

Hebel AAC’s high performance steel reinforced panels provide the solid feel, strength and security associated with traditional bricks while allowing faster builds in comparison, saving time and money.

There are several benefits to building with Hebel AAC panels include a the comfortable living experience from the thermal efficiency; high acoustic reflective properties reducing sound transmission between rooms and noise penetration from external sources; design flexibility to create truly unique and beautiful homes; and high fire resistance making it an ideal material for extreme bushfire locations.

Hebel AAC’s environmental credentials come from the comparatively lower use of resources and raw materials in production resulting in low bulk density; Hebel uses less than a quarter of the input required for other masonry products. Hebel has been awarded the GECA Label for each of its products and systems.

To qualify for the GECA endorsement, Hebel products and systems needed to show significantly reduced environment loads of at least 30 per cent compared to alternative masonry products over their lifecycle. Hebel was found to have clear environmental benefits across all key environmental criteria, with 61 per cent and 64 per cent less embodied energy, and 64 per cent and 55 per cent less greenhouse gas emissions than comparative products such as concrete and brick veneer.

Several leading builders and architects are choosing Hebel AAC panels to build their award-winning homes including Sydney based energy efficient home experts ICHIJO Homes and innovative Melbourne based architectural design and construction company, Carter Grange Homes.


The Sydney-based Japanese company ICHIJO Homes uses Hebel as its main building material in its 6 and 7 star award-winning homes. Hebel AAC panels are preferred for constructing homes to meet the owner’s brief for comfortable living and quality build to the highest standards. A key objective of the Japanese builder is to ensure the homeowner’s energy bills are reduced by as much as half off their regular annual costs of heating and cooling.

Carter Grange Homes, VIC

Rohan Forrest, Director of the Melbourne based architectural design and construction company, Carter Grange Homes explains that they choose to work with Hebel AAC panels because of its superior build quality. With high energy efficiency and comfortable living solutions being a key desire among homeowners, along with the company’s aim to minimise environmental impact, Hebel is able to meet their key objectives while also reducing overall build time by up to an average of three weeks compared to brick builds. This results in significantly less labour time; less mess on-site; cleaner, safer work areas; less clean-up on completion, all of which lower construction cost and increase affordability without compromising on quality.