Powerfloor+ is a lightweight alternative flooring material from Hebel that delivers broad-ranging benefits to a construction project from acoustic and thermal properties to simple installation and cost savings.

A cost-effective alternative to concrete or Bondek flooring, Hebel Powerfloor+ allows builders and specifiers to create additional levels in a building without being limited to weight restrictions. The 150mm steel-reinforced aerated solid concrete floor panels offer the feel of a firm concrete floor at a significantly lower cost, thanks to the lightweight material simplifying and speeding up installation. Additionally, these flooring panels are not affected by weather conditions during the construction process, minimising delays.

Hebel Powerfloor+ can be easily transported to CBD locations and installed by onsite tradesmen. 

Each Powerfloor+ panel is reinforced with corrosion-protected steel mesh; on installation, the panels fit tightly together to create a smooth floor. Hebel Powerfloor+ is a structural flooring panel that is designed to create a composite, diaphragm action floor – the solid feel eliminates the bounce and flex of timber sheet flooring. The superior thermal performance of Powerfloor+ makes it ideal for suspended floors on sloping sites.

The vertical expansion of Owen Dixon Chambers West in Melbourne featured Hebel Powerfloor+ on the additional floors to the building. Designed by Gray Puksand and built by Kane Constructions, the building features Hebel Powerfloor+ instead of conventional building materials, enabling the client to add four floors to the structure, effectively doubling the gross floor area of the project without requiring additional stiffening to the existing structure.

Owen Dixon Chambers

Being lightweight, Hebel Powerfloor+ panels can be installed quickly and easily without any disruption to business operations. Though comparable to Bondek’s cycle times, Hebel Powerfloor+ enables faster fitout commencement.

Kane Constructions intends to recommend Hebel Powerfloor+ for future projects due to the ease of the construction and installation process.

Hebel Powerfloor+ allows versatile application in both commercial and residential flooring projects, providing a more affordable option to concrete floors. The panel’s acoustic properties reduce foot traffic noise while its fire rating makes it an ideal material for homes in high risk fire zones.