Hebel has launched a new solid flooring system designed to provide both acoustic and thermal benefits to the home.

Recommended as a sound investment for a quieter and more comfortable home, the new Hebel PowerFloor enables homeowners to turn down sound emissions in their homes, and reduce sound transmission between floors. Providing the feel of a concrete floor at a significantly lower cost, the versatile PowerFloor system consists of thick panels that are installed over conventional joists and fit snugly together to form a strong, smooth floor.

The new Hebel PowerFloor offers an excellent solid base for ceramic tiles, carpet or polished timber boards, giving homeowners the assurance of a quieter home as it eliminates the squeaking, bouncing and noise normally associated with non-masonry flooring substrates such as particle or timber based flooring.

The PowerFloor’s proven superior acoustic and thermal insulation properties will provide a more comfortable and tranquil home.

Pymble homeowners Malcolm and Belinda have installed PowerFloor in their home and are very happy with the results as no sound is transmitted between the floors and there is no creaking from the floor boards.

The thermal efficiencies of PowerFloor also reduce the reliance on heating and cooling appliances, so homeowners will enjoy a comfortable home all year round with potentially lower energy costs.

Malcolm and Belinda were advised by their architect to build their home with Hebel in conjunction with underfloor heating and cooling. Pipes have been installed underneath their floors to basically heat and cool the floors. Once the floor is warmed up for a few hours, it stays warm till the next day.

Matt Carty, Managing Director, Carty Property Group has also selected Hebel PowerFloor for his client’s homes due to the high thermal and acoustic benefits delivered by the product. Building with Hebel also means projects are constructed quickly and homeowners can move into their dream homes faster.

Carty explains that Hebel PowerFloor makes it much quieter for people living in the house; additionally, it offers thermal benefits, presents an even surface and is also structurally sound, helping create a perfectly flat floor, which is not possible with concrete floors. This combination of strength and thermal and acoustic insulation properties makes PowerFloor an ideal choice for first floor and suspended ground floors as well as decks and balconies.

Simple and fast to install with less mess than concrete floors and less wastage compared to particle and timber flooring, Hebel PowerFloor eliminates delays to the building schedule. The flooring system can be easily installed by on-site trades such as carpenters.

Designed as a solid flooring material, Hebel is produced with less than a quarter of the resources and raw materials used in the manufacture of other masonry products.

Hebel has been awarded the Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) label in recognition of its significantly reduced environmental impact.