Commercial builders GP2 Projects rely on CSR Hebel wall systems to ensure quality and durability in their projects.

Charlie Bitar, who owns and runs the business in partnership with his brother, Anthony, says that they always work to Australian Standards. The builders who take pride in not taking shortcuts, have been working with Hebel walls in their projects, most of which their team designs, manages and constructs from the ground up.

According to Charlie, GP2 Projects specialises in the commercial industry, and especially the hospitality segment, where they have established a niche market building high end restaurants. Hebel wall systems are, therefore, a natural choice for the builders, and have proved especially valuable in the construction of restaurants and hospitality food service areas.

In addition to its high fire and acoustic ratings, and the ease and speed of installation, Hebel has yet another special quality that makes it the wall system of choice for GP2 - solid walls keep vermin out.

Charlie explains that the solid wall construction is extremely important for food preparation areas and for hospitality projects in general. This is a BCA requirement since hollow walls would provide a potential breeding ground for insects and vermin such as rats. The entry of a pest in this area would create a health and hygiene issue for restaurant kitchen areas where there is a high turnover of food.

By insisting on Hebel walls for food preparation areas, GP2 ensures lasting peace of mind for their clients.

The Hebel wall systems used by GP2 Projects are installed by Pauric Cussen, owner and operator of Europa Constructions Pty Ltd. Charlie says Pauric has been working with them for more than six years, adding that he is a specialist in Hebel installations and has extensive knowledge of the product and its use in commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

Another close member of the design, manage and construct team is award-winning architect Matt Darwon, who has worked with GP2 Projects for almost 20 years on various builds.

Recent outstanding restaurant projects on which GP2, Pauric Cussen and Matt Darwon have worked together, and in which Hebel wall systems have been installed, include 1 Bent Street by Mike in Sydney CBD with Mike McEnearney as the executive chef and co-owner; and three restaurants in the stunningly renovated Old Clare Hotel at Chippendale: Automata, Silvereye and Kensington Street Social. 

In a typical assignment, GP2 Projects begins work from an empty shell, with the team taking only about 15-16 weeks to complete and hand over the stylish restaurants, which often have a 150- or 200-seat capacity.

In addition to the solid wall construction, Hebel’s ease of installation is another major asset for GP2 Projects, which has used the wall system in various projects apart from food preparation areas.

Image: Number 1 Bent Street. Photo: Jason Lucas