Building material selection is an important component of the entire construction process in new builds as well as renovations. Building materials have a long-term impact on the performance and durability of your home as well as on your personal comfort. Flooring, for instance, is an important factor when it comes to creating a quiet and comfortable living space.

Making family-friendly flooring choices

A typical family home is exposed to different kinds of noises throughout the day such as foot traffic, listening to music, playing games or watching television, and housework. The flooring or flooring substrates you choose will impact on the way these noises travel through the home, and affect comfort levels of occupants. It’s imperative that you think through your flooring choices early in the planning process.

Timber or particle boards are often popular choices when it comes to traditional flooring substrates. Though they are economical choices, these flooring boards will creak and ‘bounce’ in the long-term, won’t be able to prevent noise transference between floors, and are not the best choice when it comes to thermal performance.

If you are looking to combine acoustic and thermal performance in your flooring, the Hebel PowerFloor system is your solution.

Designed and developed in Australia by CSR Hebel, the Hebel PowerFloor is great for mid-floors and/or suspended ground floors, and can be used as a substrate for carpet, tile, or timber strips. It can also be used for decking and balconies.

Hebel PowerFloor

A strong and solid flooring system with superior acoustic performance and thermal insulation properties, Hebel PowerFloor not only minimises the noise in your house but also ensures your house stays warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Comprised of 75mm thick, steel-reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) panels, Hebel PowerFloor is installed over steel or timber flooring joists to form an excellent base for just about any floor covering including carpet, tiles and timber strips.

Preferred flooring for designers and builders

Solar Solutions Design director Darren Evans has designed several homes with Hebel PowerFloor. After installing it in his own home, he said, “We have five kids, and we can’t hear them when they’re upstairs. When people visit our home they ask if they are out when they are just upstairs.”

Peter Zembis, director of award-winning building company E-Con Group, who has installed Hebel PowerFloor in his projects as well as his home, adds, “I think Hebel floors are the best product on the market.”