The Hebel PowerPanel50 is a range of intertenancy wall systems ideal for use in low-rise multi-residential constructions.

Specialising in steel reinforced autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) panels for over 25 years, CSR Hebel continues to improve their products to provide the construction industry with systems that are a better way to design and build.

A milestone in the CSR Hebel story, PowerPanel50 benefits all stakeholders across the project lifecycle with qualities that provide design and construction efficiency, risk minimisation and cost and time certainty.

The Hebel PowerPanel50 intertenancy and dual zero boundary wall systems consist of 50mm thick steel reinforced panels that deliver several benefits to the build. Installed vertically, these panels are available in standard lengths of 2.4m, 2.7m and 3m.

Solid wall finish

With Hebel PowerPanel50 used as an intertenancy wall, adjoining apartments are separated by a solid wall rather than air. Unlike traditional plasterboard and stud walls, which can be easily penetrated, a solid lightweight concrete wall system is more secure.

Narrow wall width

Hebel PowerPanel50 panels deliver a narrow intertenancy wall system starting at 230mm wide. The apartment has the advantage of a solid, secure wall with maximised floor space. Developers needing dual zero boundary walls can specify the PowerPanel50 system for a cost-effective and fast solution that adds value.

Noise reduction

There is higher potential for noise pollution from walls and floors in multi-residential buildings. Hebel’s solution of pairing their PowerPanel50 with the PowerFloor system enables a quieter environment leading to more comfortable living. 

Fast, simple and easy to install

Unlike conventional party wall systems, the Hebel PowerPanel50 intertenancy wall system simplifies the construction process. With no need for fire-rated plasterboard between floor levels or in the roof space or a myriad of fire sealant points, or H-tracks, various screw and fixing types or different types of liners and sheets to manoeuvre onsite, the builder can save time, reduce hassle, speed up the construction process and minimise onsite wastage, leading to savings in time and cost.

Minimises fire risk

With no fire-rated plasterboard required, combined with minimal fire sealant points and an FRL of 90/90/90, the PowerPanel50 intertenancy and dual zero boundary wall systems simplify NCC’s fire rating compliance.

Unaffected by wet conditions

PowerPanel50 wall construction isn’t affected by wet or damp conditions, benefiting builders. When exposed to rain, Hebel panels dry out quickly and won’t retain excessive moisture that can cause mould or affect the integrity of the panel.

Hear it from carpenters and builders

In this video, builders and carpenters share their views on the benefits of the Hebel PowerPanel50 intertenancy wall system.

Consult with CSR Hebel

At CSR Hebel, we pride ourselves on not only delivering great products and systems, but also assisting designers, builders and installers with support throughout the project. Our sales and technical team are on hand to offer advice or address any questions you may have.

Design & Installation Guide online

The comprehensive Design & Installation Guide for the new PowerPanel50 Intertenancy and Dual Zero Boundary Wall Systems for Low Rise Multi-Residential projects is available online.

Here’s an installation video for the PowerPanel50 intertenancy wall system to help you on your way.