Hebel autoclaved aerated concrete delivers a large number of key environmental benefits. In fact, CSR Hebel has worked with Good Environmental Choice Australia and conducted a life-cycle assessment to the international standard ISO 14 024.

All raw materials used in the production of this product are sourced locally in order to minimise energy used in transport. And the low bulk density of Hebel AAC means that less than 25% of the resources are used in its production than for comparable masonry products.

Hebel Autoclaved Aerated Concrete is an innovative building material. The Hebel production process is ecologically responsible with very little waste produced. CSR Hebel also aim to reduce waste further through recycling. Production waste, slurry and the steam generated are recycled back into the manufacturing process and waste steel and oil are recycled off-site.

The combination of modular panel sizes which are designed to suit standard building practices and the ease of working with standard power tools means there is very little waste on site during the construction process.

Therefore, less landfill waste is produced by leftover building materials. Hebel autoclaved aerated concrete products are non toxic and don’t emit any gases. This is another reason why they are a wise choice for those concerned with environmentally friendly building.