Looking for innovative ways to design a 12 level apartment block with a key requirement of superior acoustic performance was the challenge facing architect Henry Peel of Cameron Chisholm & Nicol for the new Kangaroo Point development in Brisbane.

His choice of the CSR™ Hebel® 75SS Acoustic Wall System (AWS) between the units was an obvious one as the innovative building material significantly reduces sound transmission between units. It also has excellent noise impact resistance minimising sounds such as cupboard doors being closed which are sometimes radiated into the adjacent room. CSR™ Hebel® 75SW Shaft Wall System, ideal for service ducting applications, was used to further reduce sounds like those from plumbing and air conditioning units.

The partitioning is a combination of CSR™ Hebel® Powerpanel™ and CSR™ Gyprock® plasterboard, which produces superior acoustic performance proven through extensive testing at the CSIRO and National Acoustic Laboratories.

Says Henry Peel, “CSR™ Hebel® provided a material which met with the acoustic requirements with the additional bonus of simple and cost effective construction.”

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Source: Infolink Architectural #54