Hebel SoundBarrier is a cost-effective noise barrier system that delivers design flexibility and high acoustic performance.

The rapidly increasing urban development is creating a serious noise pollution problem; deflecting or absorbing the sound emitted from such developments is crucial. Sound walls are a widely recognised form of noise mitigation, and scientifically proven to inhibit the transmission of sound waves. 

Hebel SoundBarrier is manufactured from Hebel autoclaved aerated concrete (AAC) and provides a highly effective acoustic system resulting in significant reduction of noise levels emanating from roads, freeways, rail corridors and industrial sources.

Acoustic barriers offer a functional solution to noise reduction but should be applied with aesthetic integrity in mind. Regardless of their use in road, rail or industry, they should be designed to contextualise within the given environment. 

Hebel SoundBarrier noise barrier system can be enhanced through decorative post treatments so the consistency, colour and context of the surroundings can all be moulded to fit together beautifully. The Hebel system can be easily manipulated to accommodate feature bays and can be stepped to follow the grade of a road, a welcome distraction from the monotony of a bland grey wall. A Hebel rendered finish offers a wide choice of colours and textures, providing the flexibility to achieve design preferences. 

From a functional perspective, the inherent acoustic insulation properties of Hebel AAC make it the ideal material to use for noise abatement walls. Much more effective than conventional barriers, Hebel SoundBarrier combines excellent acoustic qualities and a modular design to offer an effective and easy-to-install noise abatement solution.

Hebel SoundBarrier noise barriers are available in three standard thicknesses that provide a 43dB reduction in sound power. The panels are stocked in standard sizes, enabling rapid supply and reducing the need for on-site cutting. Installation is faster than conventional barriers as the tongue and groove panels do not require any joining compound.

The systems are particularly effective for the attenuation of low frequency sound, which is generally the hardest type of sound to insulate against and the most common problem with heavy traffic. The standard SoundBarrier system consists of universal beams within concrete foundations. The steel-reinforced Hebel panels are placed horizontally between or directly to these columns, held in position by galvanised steel angles. Hebel’s panels have long term durability and are designed and tested for a 50-year design life.

Hebel SoundBarrier noise barrier system will not ignite and has a four-hour fire resistance rating; is significantly lighter than standard concrete masonry panels; offers approximately 30 per cent cost saving due to a faster, more efficient system; will not harbour pests or be affected by wet weather and rot; and features steel reinforced AAC panels for a high degree of security. 

The Hebel SoundBarrier system is a great example of Hebel’s commitment to caring about the environment. Hebel AAC uses less than 25 per cent of the raw materials required to produce the same volume of standard masonry; due to standard sized panels, very little waste is accrued, reducing landfill.