Hebel  has worked closely with coatings manufacturers like Dulux and Mitex to develop a range of finishing options for all Hebel systems. Hebel has a system that will meet the aesthetic requirements for most projects, from simple acrylic coatings to high build renders and textures.

Hebel coatings are designed to help achieve a quality finish to all Hebel projects, The Monolithic look, for example is highly sought after. Hebel coating systems are engineered to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction and other physical characteristics of autoclaved aerated concrete.

The Hebel and Dulux AcraTex relationship delivers integration of substrate and coatings to ensure a high long-lasting performance.

The coating systems available:

  • Hebel PowerBase and Hebel PowerFinish: A two coat, total acrylic levelling and finishing system. Dulux AcraTex has designed this coating system specifically for Hebel PowerPanel. Colour is integrated throughout to reduce the possibility of minor damage showing. The two coat process delivers project efficiencies and shortens finishing cycle times.
  • Hebel HighBuild render: This render levels irregularities and produces a high quality, true surface on internal and external surfaces. Hebel HighBuild can be sponge finished or an array of acrylic texture finishes can be specified.
  • Hebel SkimCoat: This is designed for use with Hebel panel systems. It is suitable for external and internal surfaces. Hebel SkimCoat provides a semi-sealed surface ready for Acrylic Texture and Finish Coats.