Various products and systems for construction industry are manufactured by CSR Hebel . The products are panels, lintels and sound floor. A wide range of solid masonry blocks are produced for different types of construction applications. The CSR Hebel blocks are mostly used for load bearing wall construction. The blocks of CSR Hebel have insulation thermal properties in them.

The blocks are manufactured to a higher density so that superior acoustic insulation can be provided. Thermoblocks are supplied as a standard product where as sonoblock can be supplied only in case the minimum order quantity is reached. For easy identification each block of sonoblocks are marked with black ink at one end. CSR Hebel also produces lintels which are available in different lengths and thicknesses.

CSR Hebel also produces different systems for construction industry. The systems include Acoustic Wall Systems, Internal Wall Systems and Panel Wall Systems. The panel wall systems of CSR Hebel are non-load bearing external wall solutions for various types of houses. Either steel framing or timber can be used in building houses which are an alternative to traditional brick veneer.

Panel wall systems from CSR Hebel are an ideal recladding alternative for extensions and renovations. For quick and clean construction panel wall systems are available in different lengths and widths. Similarly, each products and systems of CSR Hebel has its own feature and benefits.