A new video by Heavenly Skylights demonstrates the ability of their skylights to withstand any type of impact from hailstones or even intruders.  

Designed and produced in Sydney, hail resistant skylights from Heavenly Skylights are made from the same substance used in the fly-up screens or bullet proof glass at banks. This laminated material can withstand large shock loads, making it ideal for outdoor applications such as skylights.  

Last year in Australia, two severe hailstorms caused damage in excess of $2 billion. Heavy hailstorms are common during Sydney summers, resulting in damage not just to roofs but also conventional skylights. Older style skylights for instance, become brittle and are easily cracked or broken by hail.  

Gabriel Andrews, founder of Heavenly Skylights comments that traditional skylights have been shown to be less than adequate to withstand the harsh Australian environment. The new range of hail resistant skylights is the result of an effort to create an all-Australian product that is guaranteed to withstand tough Aussie conditions.  

This new standard in skylight durability is replacing older style glass and fibreglass skylights.  

Gabriel explains that the YouTube video was made to showcase the tough build of Heavenly Skylights by demonstrating how burglars, hailstones, sledgehammers or even dancing men cannot break the hail resistant sky lights.