Heatcraft and Dixell have launched CX series of electronic controls for refrigeration systems, cool rooms and cabinets.

The CX series delivers better system management and efficiency. There are two models available - the innovative Prime and for OEM applications, the price busting E-Class.

Whatever the type of refrigeration system - retail, industrial or commercial - the CX Prime is easily customised to suit each application. Design enhancements mean that the Prime is simple to program and connect.

Smart new features such as integrated display icons, audible alarms and virtual probes make the CX Prime a advanced and reliable control.

The Prime's unique six button fascia allows technicians and system owners to easily access the control's main functions. Icons and measurement units are now conveniently integrated in an illuminated display that shows the status of the refrigeration system at a glance.

Cost savings and energy efficiency are important priorities for refrigeration system owners and managers. The CX Prime delivers both these priorities with the touch of a button.

Energy efficiency can be achieved by programming the Prime to work at an alternative set point. For frozen food storage, a lower set point allows the accumulation of cold when electricity is cheaper.

In multi-deck applications such as dairy cabinets or deli cases with two different temperature zones, the Prime's virtual probe offers an air on/air off application, allowing temperature to be weighted towards a critical zone.

For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), the CX E-Class offers high performance and great value. A short format option (only 50mm in depth) provides greater flexibility and more mounting options.