Heat-On Systems  offer a wide range of slim-line interior heaters. The requirement for the featured house was to heat around 50 square metres. This was done with four SR-7 panels and two SR-5 panels. The heating panels were installed in the bathroom, kitchen and living rooms. The total system output is only 4kW, with less operating costs.

Heat-On panels from Heat-On Systems are the highly efficient electric panel heaters and provide significant results with their far-infrared heating technology.

Heat-On panels can be ‘set and forget’ programmable, which is ideal for the busy homeowners, and offers the advantage of turning on individual rooms before people get home, so the house is already warm and toasty when they get there.

Their controllers also have a self-learning feature, which takes the guess work out of warm up times. The thermostats are seven-day programmable, so they can be adjusted according to the user’s varying requirements from weekdays to the weekend.

This far-infrared comfort heating is suitable for both residential and commercial applications, high-rises (offices, apartments), homes, city councils and government buildings. Heat-On Systems design and supply heating systems throughout Victoria and Australia.