Hearne Scientific Software  offers a wide range of software programs for chemistry, data analysis, engineering, environmental science, forecasting and econometric fields.

Hearne Scientific Software also offer software programs for graphics and contouring, life sciences, market research, mathematics, programming, risk management, scientific publishing, simulation and optimisation and statistics areas.

Engineering software programs from Hearne Scientific Software includes AutoCAD, Mathcad, Adapt-Builder platform, Adapt-Bridge design, Isodraw, CompositePro, Mathematica, Thermal desktop and TracePro and many other similar software packages.

AutoCAD is a software application for two dimensional and three dimensional design and drafting process and helps in increasing the speed of day-to-day drafting process while Mathcad is a calculation management solution software.

Adapt-Bridge design is a bridge analysis and design program which focuses on constructed bridges and special structures during the construction phase while Adapt-Builder platform is an integrated design software used for concrete floor systems, beams, frames, mat, and slab-on-grade foundations.

IsoDraw is a software program which creates, edits and redraws technical illustrations and animations from scratch while CompositePro is a software tool which helps in meeting composite design and analysis challenges.

Thermal desktop is a PC-based design environment which helps in generating thermal models of electronics and vehicles while TracePro is a general ray tracing program used for illumination analysis, optical analysis, radiometry analysis and photometry analysis.