Hearne Scientific Software  specialises in scientific and technical software and offers a wide range of software programs for scientists, engineers, business analysts and researchers.

Hearne Scientific Software has acquired a quality assurance certification, federal government and United Nations endorsed supplier certifications. Hearne Scientific Software has also been awarded a number of research and development start grants and awards for exporting technical software.

Hearne Scientific Software has commercialised a wide range of software programs such as Climex, Dymex, AquaRisk, AccuRate, and IREX. These software have been developed by researchers and programmers from Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), Cooperative Research (CSIRO), Cooperative Research Centres and Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.

Hearne Scientific Software distributes its scientific and technical software in the Asia Pacific region. Partners of Hearne Scientific Software includes Oracle, PTC, Cranes Software International, Intel Software Division, SPSS, Wolfram, CambridgeSoft, OriginLab, Adapt Software, CSIRO and other similar software developers.

Hearne Scientific Software provides training in the use of the major programs and also offers a range of consulting services related to its programs. Hearne Scientific Software mostly specialises in areas of technical software distribution, engineering mathematics, risk management, online surveys, project management and commercialisation of research software.