Historical timber cladding homes like Californian Bungalows, Federation and Victorian style residences hold a special place in the hearts of Australians. To some, these period homes offer nostalgia and the memories of a simpler time, for others, their vintage and history offers a uniqueness and desirability that concrete and render can’t provide.

Regardless of the exact appeal, they are back in vogue. As everything old becomes new again, the restoration of these homes has become increasingly popular, with owners looking to return their investments to their original glory.

However as those who have tried before would know, the restoration of heritage homes provides unique challenges which don’t exist with your run-of-the-mill home renovation. Jumping in without first researching which products are most suited to a project can result in the use materials which don’t match the style of the time, and a renovation that has devalued the home.

As the defining feature of classic Bungalow and Victorian style homes, having weatherboards and shingles that best replicate the historical materials used is crucial to a successful restoration.

The unique shapes and styles of the cladding from those times provide their homes with that distinct traditional appearance, something that hasn’t been replicated since.

However, sourcing the perfect weatherboards and shingles for these restorations has long been a challenge for architects, builders and DIYers, with a compromise in authenticity often the only option.

To address the need for better quality cladding options for heritage restorations, Healy’s Building Services began creating custom weatherboards and shingles to the exact shapes, styles and measurements of days-gone-by.

From the unique grooved , scallop and v notched  weatherboards, through to round and pointed end shingles, Healy’s Building Services recreate all of the classic 20th century claddings that can help bring the splendour back to weathered homes.

The ability to customise their cladding solutions makes Healy’s unique amongst other competitors whose one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t match the individualism of so many period homes.

Made from genuine timber, and with a reputation for creating the highest standard replicas of original period cladding, Healy’s Building Services can help take your restoration project to the next level, and your period home back to its glory days.